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~ Blessings From the Summer Gods ~

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We are going Tropo this summer with some new exotic blends -

Hibiscus + Rose Geranium

Hydrosol and Serum Oil

Hibiscus and Rose Geranium blooms are organically grown in our (mala) garden and distilled up in my apothecary.  Dried blooms are infused in both organic vegetable glycerin (extract) and also in organic sunflower oil for personalized blending.


Jasmine + Rose

Hydrosol: Jasmine grandiflorum + Rosa damascena are distilled separately and then carefully          married together, creating a blend that is both uplifting and calming to the skin, mind & body.

Infusion: Organic Fresh Flowers are gently placed in organic jojoba oil (wax) at ambient temperature (60F-70F) adding and removing fresh flowers daily for 90 days (in a glass vessel) - creating an oil that is so true to it's fragrance, while holding the (high vibrational) intelligence of that flower.

This potent Fresh Flower Infusion is then blended into our Moisture Boost Créme base with Hawaiian Jasmine & Rose Flower Essences.


* Ylang + Grapefruit

Fresh Flower infused Ylang Ylang with distilled Hawaiian Grapefruit oil -make an incredible summer infusion blend.  Grapefruit is a Facial Cleanse in it's own right and when synergized with potent Ylang flowers- surely sweetens the deal.

This oil can also be added into our Moisture Boost Créme for a gorgeous "Custom Blend"


* Gardenia

Another gift from the Summer gods! This is also a Fresh Flower Infusion in Jojoba and is blended both carefully and mindfully (bottle by bottle) into our night blooming base as a Serum Oil that is amazing paired with our Unscented Moisture Boost Créme and Hydrosols.

* * It's raining Rose Geraniums in our 'mala' garden- if you are interested in anything rose geranium let me know :)


Hydrsosol (hīˈdrəsôl) a toning mist for the skin.  Through process of condensation; Hydrosols are made similar to making an essential oil, but we are collecting the more subtle, water soluble parts of that plant, fruit, flower, etc.  Our hydrosols do not contain preservatives, to ensure pureness and to hold onto volatile and vital qualities. We also encourage drinking and using our hydrosols for any 'soaking' type of treatment, utilizing all of it's essential aroma-therapeutic qualities. 

Serum Oil: through process of infusion (maceration); precious oils are used as a solvent to release volatile (medicinal) components of herbs, flowers, fruits and superfoods. -fragrance can also be obtained by infusion process.


Workshop Series


June/ July

This 2 hour workshop is a novice guide to distilling and how essential oils and hydrosols are made.  You will take home your freshly made hydrosol along with a custom blended skin créme hand made by you!     Please enquire for private or class schedule.