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~ Welcoming Autumn and Nordic Earth Goddess, Freyja ~

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Freyja (FRAY-yah) Nordic earth goddess of fertility, celebration, and passion. She teaches us to appreciate our attractiveness and enjoy ourselves. Enjoy the excitement of the seasons change, take risks of being bold and daring.

And don’t be afraid to celebrate your success with a party or by splurging on a wonderful indulgence!

Here are some indulgent Mala Skin Treats to celebrate the Freyja in YOU :)

Our Facial Freyja Serum Oil is a blend of freshly infused blooms of Gardenia, Jasmine, Plumeria and Rose Otto. These flowers are individually hand picked and gently placed in organic jojoba oil (wax) at ambient temperature, adding and removing fresh flowers daily for 90 days, releasing not only it’s true fragrance, but the volatile healing intelligence of that flower.

Gardenia- feminine and strong, it’s essence activates a shift in perception, transforming your weakness into strengths. (since this oil cannot be extracted as an ‘essential oil’ we cannot test for individual constituents, therefore do not have known skin benefits)

Jasmine- You are beautiful! Jasmine activates self appreciation, magnetism and attraction.

skin: balancing to dry and sensitive skins, antioxidant, age regenerating, toning

Rose- its essence evokes tenderness, kindness and caring for others. It helps release emotional wounds and scars.

skin: hydrating, calming and balancing to all skin types

Plumeria (frangipani)- helps conquer fear when you are feeling unsafe, encourages you to set forth and prevail ahead what needs to be done. (since this oil cannot be extracted as an ‘essential oil’ we cannot test for individual constituents, therefore do not have known skin benefits).

This oil was crafted from our summer Mala blooms :)

For added skin benefits, I’ve added organic Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) extract: skinrich in Omega 6 and other essential fatty acids. Passionflower is also high in antioxidants + anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it wonderfully soothing and calming to seasonally changing skin.



Gua Sha practice has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine which uses a flat, handheld rose quartz tool, to apply pressure while gently ‘scraping’ the skin in order to relieve muscle tension and promote healing. The ancient technique is purported to break down scar tissue, reduce inflammation, flush fresh blood flow to the skin and muscles, relieve pain, and improve joint flexibility. When used as a facial technique, Gua Sha may help even out skin tone, reduce puffiness via lymphatic drainage, clear up acne and rosacea, and even reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Rose Quarts- promotes healing, love and compassion while improving emotional health.

Our rose quarts Gua- Sha comes complete with an instructional pamphlet and youtube links.

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