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Aloe Treatment Elixirs

Aloe Treatment Elixirs


To avoid confusion, we changed the name of our aloe based serums to elixir 

Our aloe based elixirs are 100% active, are nutrient rich and full of antioxidants.  They absorb into the skin very quickly and are formulated to help treat specific concerns.

  • Treatment elixirs (15 ml) apply 1 pump into palm, massage into face, neck and decollate.  Can also be used as a spot treatment, to treat specific concerns.

See What's Blooming for ingredients :)

  • AHA/Fruit Enzyme (15 ml) Skip the scrubbing and exfoliate with natural plant acids and enzymes! Skin that is delicate, mature, or prone to irritation can be easily damaged by manual exfoliation, and AHA’s do the job without rubbing or pulling at sensitive areas. This method doesn’t require abrasive cloths, tools, or particles - AHA’s work while you relax. Our ingredients are extracted from botanicals naturally high in Alpha Hydroxy Acids like Bilberry, Orange, and Lemon, and paired with exfoliating enzymes of Pineapple and Papaya. The formula is brought to a pH of 3.0, giving it higher acidity and efficacy while still being mild enough for regular use. 

USE: apply 1 pump into palm and massage into face, neck and decollate -let set for 3-5 minutes or keep massaging with moist hands to activate cells.  Rinse with tepid or cool water or wash cloth, moisturize.  Can be used 1x a week or 2x a month

Elixirs mix really well in our Moisture Boost Créme!

Due to the high herbal content, these elixirs cannot be personalized.



Please use common sense caution- If any irritation should occur, rinse product off immediately and discontinue use.


Organic products are meant to be used and not stored on a shelf. Because all of our products are made FRESH (we never use synthetic preservatives) we package everything in smaller quantities to ensure full efficacy and recommend using within 12 months after opening.

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