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Blue Lotus Masque-ing Powder

1.69 oz / 50 ml

Cambrian Blue Clay, French White Clay, New Zealand Kaolin Clay, Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Fresh Water Pearl Powder, Organic Tapioca, Butterfly Pea Flower with Blue Lotus Petals

This powder is formulated with the intent of mixing into a creamy rich Masque when blended with our Moisture Boost Créme or your favorite moisturizer and aqueous based Hydrosol.

Blue Lotus Masque-ing Kit

  • Blue Lotus Masque

  • Locally Hand Crafted Masqueing Bowl

  • Brush

  • Ceramic Spoon

  • 1.7 oz Blue Lotus Moisture Boost Créme

  • Jasmine Hydrosol Sample

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