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I am so excited and happy to introduce our seasonal hands on workshops.

I. Geranium Rose (hydrosols)

Up in my little apothecary we will go and distill some seasonal blooms, demonstrating how a hydrosol and essential oils are made. The flower of the day we will drink, eat and blend up a custom face créme, discussing that flowers special talents and super powers.

Please enquire for upcoming date :)

10am - 1 pm (roughly 3 hours)

$50.00 pp (max 6 guests per class)

You must RSVP or pre pay to ensure your spot :)

We are currently looking for a (retail) apothecary + classroom space, please enquire for up and coming private or class schedule.

II. The Art of Blending & Masque-ing

Design products on your own or gather a party of up to 6 in the hills of Malibu and come learn the art of blending and personalizing your very own products, using my seasonally fresh organic (plant based) ingredients.

This 3 hour workshop will give you exclusive essentials in skin nutrition and botanical formulation.

Choosing from an array of organic + freshly sourced ingredients, you will personally blend and bring home full size-

1. Moisture Boost Créme - Personalize your very own day/night créme with a proprietary blend of active ingredients that will address your skins preferred consistency, needs and scents.

2. Adding a Hydrosol Mist for toning and/or balancing moisture are wonderful on their own, but you can also get a bit creative and add in some extra flower oils and flourishes.

3. Blend a custom Masque which comes complete with a hand made ceramic dish and masque-ing brush. Choosing from clays from around the world, exotic powders and superfoods when fused together, you will have a Masque that is super creamy, hydrating, never dry and cakey.

At the end of our class, you will showcase your new products with a mini facial to make sure your blends are up to par and perfect!

$90.00 pp

* These workshops can also be altered and hosted elsewhere- please feel free to contact me with questions.

Pricing are assessed product by product and our classroom workshops are invoiced or paid the day of.

III. Mini Facials & Gua Sha

Facial Demo set up for salon & store owners

Create a modern day skin care Home Party.

Gathering in a group setting, we will discuss the importance of using non toxic ingredients and how to get the most out of plant based products and age regeneration. Using our Mala Products, we will perform a mini facial complete with gentle exfoliation, how to properly apply your serums and facial massage using the Gua Sha Method- used in Chinese medicine for centuries to aid the body's filtration organs and lymph system to expel toxins and secret to ageless skin.

Please Contact for more details

IV. Holistic Aesthetics

Beginning September 1, 2018 - I am offering one on one and group classes for Aestheticians and continued education for those entering the holistic field.

Please Contact me personally for information

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