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Hydroslos are the water soluble (floral water) that is produced during the distilling process, holding volatile qualities and true "soul" essence of the flower or herb.

Hydrosols are balancing, hydrating and calming to the skin, mind and body. They are safe for children and also make a wonderful drinking tonic in fresh spring water.

 We distill some of our hydrosols in house using plants from our organic garden.  We also source from our amazing organic community!   


Skin: Mist on Face anytime for extra hydration, calming, toning and to set make-up to give you that fresh glow.  

Mind & Body: 2-5 sprays into a glass of cool spring water.. make sure to take a breath in your glass before drinking for full flower effect.

  • Primavera Orange Blossom (Citrus aurantium var. amora) and Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) blended together to make a refreshing toning spray wonderful for all skin types.
  • English Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) Calming to sunburns, anti-bacterial; balancing to acne and all skin types.  Lavender is also calming to the nervous system, assisting a restful nights sleep. (distilled in Marin County)
  • Rose Geranium (pelargonium sp.) Balancing to all skin types – geranium is uplifting, calming and a wonderful hormone balancer. It is refreshing rosey, herby with a hint of citrus. (distilled in Marin County)
  • Bulgarian Rose (Rosa damascena) Calming to mind, body and the skin.  Wonderful to use as a compress on irritated (red) areas for instant relief.  Ingested, Rose is an antidepressant, uplifting to spirits. (distilled in Marin County)
  • Jasmine sambac Distilled from an amazing man in Hawaii.   He uses fresh waterfall waters with his hand blown glass Still.     Jasmine has been used since ancient times in many beauty rituals, creating luminous skin. Jasmine's scent and when taken internally, transcends peace, calm and is wonderful before bedtime.




Please use common sense caution- If any irritation should occur, rinse product off immediately and discontinue use.


Organic products are meant to be used and not stored on a shelf. Because all of our products are made FRESH (we never use synthetic preservatives) we package everything in smaller quantities to ensure full efficacy and recommend using within 6 months after opening.

To ensure Freshness and Potency, avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight

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