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Organic flowers are handpicked fresh and gently placed in organic jojoba oil at ambient temperature (60F-70F) adding and removing fresh flowers daily for 90 days, giving you an oil that is naturally fragranced and so true to its bloom- it will blow you away!  

Anointing oils are meant to use throughout your day so scent is fleeting, because we don't use any chemical or synthetic fixatives or preservatives.  The more you anoint the more you will experience the transformative effects


5ml Roll On

Our Rose blend is 100% pure fresh flower infused roses in jojoba blended with Hawaiian Sandalwood (distilled onsite), Rosewood (a vintage (ethical) distillation from a master distiller), African Myrrh infusing in dried Myrrh tears, Rose petals and Rose Quarts in a 5ml glass roll-on bottle.

Rose essence brings on emotional healing and self discovery and finding your true inner beauty.


Gardenia leaves are shiny, and waxy. This is symbolic of clarity. In addition, it’s symbolic of self-reflection. In fact, many earth worshiping sects subscribe time with gardenia in meditation in order to come to the core of oneself for understanding and enlightenment.

Gardenia Essence Reflecting: Trust, Hope, Clarity, Intuition, Alignment, Protection, Self reflection

Made with: 100% pure fresh flower infused gardenias in jojoba blended with dried petals, amethyst and gardenia essence. 

Jasmine (coming soon)

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