Treat your skin like a precious Eden


Are you a Spring?

Most of you already know that my practice and business motto stems around each season; we are seasonal beings and like all living and breathing beings, we can find balance by living in our natural circadian rhythm.   

Another fascinating interest of mine was learning how each of us embody our own unique seasonal 'personality' by our coloring/DNA.  A few years ago I went to the beautiful Jenifer Butler for a color tutorial and guidance on which colors best represented Me.  This opened up a whole new perspective on how important color plays a significant role in our lives.  Jennifer's passion and purpose has opened up a True Beauty Movement to all who have an interest.

"Most people don’t know that they carry the energy of a season in their unique coloring and personality.  Ninety per cent of communication is nonverbal, so when you find your colors and learn how to dress with intention you can create a life you love in business, communication, relationships, family, friends and more." -Jennifer Butler

Here is a little information on this season's profile:

Spring (clear/light/warm)

Skin- clear, warm undertones, cheeks turn peachy when flushed, light skin for ethnicity 

Hair- light to medium blond, strawberry blond, gold, red undertones

Eyes- clear blue, turquoise, hazel, or light brown

Personality- high energy, creative, expressive, vibrant, open, honest, fun, positive, uplifting, life of the party

Colors- warm, bright and light

Yellow, peach, orange, red, pink, blue, purple, turquoise, mint

I also have found most spring personalties can be categorized with a combination skin type: sensitive, dry, t-zone oily, as gut health is triggered from our nervous system (nervous tummy) therefore showing up in our skin.  When skin sensitivity becomes an issue for our Springs, it is a marker to check for chemically laden products (externally), food allergy, or eating fast unhealthy food on the go (internal) and stress are common factors for our lovely Springs.

Many Springs may also fit into the dosha type Vata:  California College of Ayurveda can be a great source for finding Mind, Body & Spirit balance.

Spring is the time to get outdoors and as our body type suggests, we can get antsy when the weather changes. It is vital to Spring signs to get out into nature as often as possible, especial for those earth sign springs.

Balancing Seasonal Herbs, Flowers and Fruits of Spring :

  • Chamomile -calming to all skin types (topically) Internal: helpful to digestive upsets, stress reliever and wonderful sleep tonic

  • Dandelion - cleansing to our system, gently stimulates the liver and supports a heathy digestive system

  • Rose Hips - rich in vitamin c, supports everyday wellness

  • Passion Flower -calming to our internal system and cell regenerating to our skin

  • Citrus Blossoms - calming to the nervous system, therefor calming inflammation.

  • Butterfly Pea Flower- antioxidant, internal and external free radical fighter -natures anti-ager

  • Schisandra Berry -can help boost liver function and adrenal fatigue. It’s high concentration of antioxidant compounds, schisandra helps fight free radical damage and lowers inflammatory.

Monika Peters