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5/ 2019


About Me...

Sensitive skin and acne had been a struggle for me since I was a teenager. For many years, I was uneducated about the root cause for breakouts and the reasons for oily skin. I reluctantly accepted them as part of growing up.  As a result, I was inspired, in the years that followed, to unearth hidden treasures about how to naturally treat these conditions.

As my quest to achieve a new level of knowledge increased, I dedicated my energies to discover tools that unify nature with nurture, holistic with healthy, and beauty with balance. Healthy living is like a magnificent flower. Delicate combinations of efficiencies are necessary to produce a vibrant bloom, such as healthy soil rich in nutrients, essential vitamins, the right amount of water and sufficient sunlight.

Likewise, harmful ingredients and toxic chemicals can impact the vibrancy and brilliance of the bloom. To achieve the goal of true healthy living, we need to look to a source where the foundation is based on purity, delicacy and integrity. My vision of Mala Apothecary was founded on these principles. I want to educate, inspire and provide you with skin care products and health solutions that will expand your own vision of healthy living.

I am a Certified Holistic Beauty Therapist from Australia and Cosmetologist, licensed in California with certifications in nutrition, massage therapy, and aromatherapy.

I am dedicated to working with you, one on one, and to share the treasures that will bring balance, beauty and nutrients to your skin, body and spirit.

Chronic Skin Concerns:  I consider current diet, lifestyle, skin care regime, products (past and present).  This will help decipher what is going on internally and externally and what tools are needed to achieve perfect skin.  I will work with you until these results are met.   

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