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Winter Box

Kamiile Rose

1. organic German chamomile flowers and organic Bulgarian rose petal sachets for infusing into a facial steam or can be added into your favorite salt blend for a relaxing bath.

2. Moisture Boost Créme simple unscented light cream base, all ready for blending with your flower oils for added skin benefits and hydration boost.

3. Your Flower Oils ~

The last of my Bulgarian Roses - this last summer I dried petals of my Bulgarian Zazanlak and Cecile Brunners and made an infusion that I would like to share with all of you. From this infusion, I decided to blend with some of my favorites:

  • Kamille + Rose: organic German chamomile (kamille) flower infusion in organic sunflower oil with Bulgarian rose Otto oil in my rose infusion oil

  • Woodrose: my rose Otto oil fused together with ethically distilled Hawaiian rosewood and redwood essential oils

  • Gardenia + Rose: rose oil + rose otto with a 90 day extraction of fresh organic gardenias, extracted in Hawaii by hand.

4. Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol -distilled from last summers blooms from my herbalist near San Francisco. You can add this blend into your Créme and Oils for an emulsification effect and to lighten them up.


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